Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Having a clean and healthy home requires a clean carpet. Proper maintenance of your carpet can make will allow the carpet to last for many years.

While it is impossible to avoid accidental spills and stains, you can reduce their effect on your carpet by doing the correct thing.  You need to be cautious because some carpet cleaning steps can easily damage your carpet. Below are the top carpet cleaning mistakes you should avoid.

Carpet Cleaning Mistakes 1:

Cheap is never good when it comes to carpet cleaning

Cheap prices – whether they be printed on a webpage or quoted over the phone – are usually very misleading.

Firstly, they are often the bait that entices you to call or gets the job booked in over the phone. But once the company gets into your home, you may be told the price is only for a basic clean and be pressurised into a higher priced process that should have been quoted for in the first place.

Secondly, a cheap price usually means the company operates cheap equipment, which means results are compromised and the chance of damage increases significantly.


Carpet Cleaning Mistakes 2:

Relying on carpet cleaner rentals such as RugDoctor

It may seem a good idea to rent a carpet cleaner, but at times it turns out differently. Some carpet cleaner machines are rarely serviced, and therefore you may carry someone’s dirt into your home. Moreover, some of the machines have a clog that makes them not to work efficiently.

Most hired carpet cleaners don’t have the vaccume power to suck as much water out of the carpet as professional equipment, You could be left with wet carpets which will could start to smell.

Hired carpet cleaning machines will not extract the level of dirt out of your carpet as a professional machine operated by a trained technician.

Rental Carpets machines can not clean at a high enough heat to losen the dirt from inside the carpet pile.


Carpet Cleaning Mistakes 3:

Waiting to long to remove stains from your carpet

Spills sink quickly and get absorbed by the carpet fibers. You need to act immediately before the spill gets dry and sets. Some stains may even be acidic, and if you don’t wipe the quickly, they can eat away at your carpet fibers.

Tackling a stain right away helps you prevent permanent damage and odor from your carpet, acting without delay will save you the struggle to remove the stain when it is dry and hard to remove.


Carpet Cleaning Mistakes 4:

Using the incorrect carpet cleaning products

There are different cleaning products in the market designed for specific purposes. You need to be careful with any product you use when carpet cleaning.

Ensure you read the label carefully before using a product. For instance, cleaners with strong chemicals can damage your carpet fibers. If you have any doubts on the utilization of the product, be sure to research online or ask professionals.

Carpet cleaning technicians are highly trained and know exactly what products to use on your carpet, Don’t risk it and hire a professional carpet cleaner to get the job done right.


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