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  • Graffiti Removal Experts

    For businesses around the country, graffiti is unfortunately a persistent problem. Our Graffiti Removal Service deals with the problem quickly efficiently and hassle free, so that unsightly graffiti is removed in an environmentally friendly way.

    Graffiti can quickly ruin the appearance of commercial and industrial buildings. This can have an extremely negative impact on your business, deterring visitors and leaving a poor impression on clients. Worse still, as soon as the first graffiti tag appears on your building, many more are sure to follow, so it is important that you act quickly as soon as graffiti is discovered. The presence of graffiti brings down the reputation of an area, discouraging investment and encouraging antisocial behaviour.

    How is Our Graffiti Removal Service performed?

    Graffiti often appears on unprotected surfaces such as brickwork, so graffiti removal requires a different process to standard paint removers. Our skilled graffiti removal team use specialist, eco-friendly paint removers to completely clean surfaces of graffiti. We then treat the surface with an anti-graffiti coating to protect the building against further vandalism.

    To arrange a quote for our graffiti removal service please call us, get in touch via the contact page of send us a message on our facebook page.

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